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photo of bride and groom

Wedding Day Dreams Do Come True

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Katie and Matt’s wedding day was a storybook day proving dreams come true. The ceremony was lovely and reception fun-loving – just like the bride and groom. Katie is officially Mrs. Buck while together, they are – A Couple of Bucks!

It started in the morning with Katie and her does getting ready at Panache. The ladies all looked absolutely radiant, especially Katie. Matt and the bucks slept in and chilled until there debut. The guys did make sure Matt was ready to go and didn’t get cold feet. 

Quincy Cellars Decked Out and Filled with Intense Aromas

Meanwhile the folks at Quincy were as happily busy as the fairy Godmother and her mice. The chef, prep staff, wedding coordinator, servers and bartenders all were on their A-game prepping for the party. Also, vendors like the deejay, photographer, decorator, officiant and baker, to name a few buttoned up details. Katie certainly could not have done it without all of that support. Her bridal party, mother, aunt, mother-in-law and other family and friends also stood by her side through the whole fun and sometimes stress-filled planning and day!

Wine and cheese, spinach and artichoke pastries, shrimp, housemade bread, salad and dressing got the guests hungry. Perfectly prepared filet mignon and a chicken breast with tenderly mashed garlic potatoes and local fresh steamed string beans was served to each guest. Mouth-watering decadence.


But most of all the day designed by Katie was a dreamy day… the smile on her face and photos help bring it to light for those of you who were not there. Check them out.

photo of bride and groom

Katie and Matt Buck at their wedding reception.

donut stand filled with a variety of donuts

Katie’s favorite doughnuts were a huge hit!

wedding cake with sunflowe

Wedding Cake Perfectly Matching the Floral Arrangements

Wedding reception

Wedding guests with the bridal party, looking up!

wine mason jars

Wine jar favor turned out beautifully and were put to use at the party and at home.

polaroids of wedding guests

Be a Buck and Take a Polaroid with Antlers was a fun touch for the guests to participate!

polaroids of wedding guests

Lots of Bucks!

guests eating dinner

Lovely dining room set-up.

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