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Quincy Cellars tends to two different product lines – the Garden label and our Reserve label. The Garden label wines are suitable for any occasion and crafted from native and/or hybrid grape varieties. The Reserve label wines are pressed from vitis vinifera species and undergo special tending.

Wine samples are available in our authentic stone tasting cellar during normal business hours. While experiencing our wine, you might be offered a food sample from our kitchen to complement your wine tasting. In addition, all of our wines are available for sale by the glass or bottle.

Any of our wines make distinctive gifts. Note that the below selection may have changed. Call us for the latest. 716.736.2021.

2011 Cayuga White

Semi-sweet, ripe plums and tropical fruit

2011 Vidal Blanc

Dry, fresh summer cantaloupe and honeydew with undertones of vanilla

2011 Niagara

Coming soon!

2011 Chardonnay

Dry, lightly oaked, slightly buttery

2011 Riesling

Semi-sweet, mildly fruity

2011 Seyval Blanc

Semi dry, crisp and clean, green apple

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry, lightly oaked, slightly tannic, tart cherry

2006 Chancellor

Semi-dry, low tannins, peppery

2008 “Dry” Concord

Semi-sweet, grapey with a hint of dryness – 4% residual sugar

2011 “sweet” concord

Sweet, grape jam with a hint of minted orange

2011 Merlot

Dark chocolate with deep cherry undertones, a smooth drinking wine with a nice tannin balance

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